Construction Engineering

Infrastructure design and management

This includes the design, planning, construction and management of infrastructures and buildings by selecting the construction methods and equipment most suitable for the project.

Civil and industrial architectural design: planning, attention to the municipal process, management of subdivision / implementation plans and analysis of architectural restoration interventions and green building and eco-sustainable design
Structural design and testing: design through static, dynamic and push-over analysis, verification of existing buildings, extensions and renovations, seismic improvement and adaptation, appraisals and consultancy, drafting of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance plans, analysis of structural and plant seismic vulnerability and structural tests involving non-invasive investigation
Topography and land registry: plano-altimetric topographic surveys, land registry practices, subdivisions, cadastral alignments, transfers, inheritance and surveys
Renewable energy design and energy saving: energy audits, energy layouts, projects for energy saving in existing and new buildings, energy certifications, tax deductions for energy requalification interventions and consultancy for the redevelopment of unhealthy environments.

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