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Discover the sismabonus for the seismic adaptation of buildings

Vulnerability analysis and structural adjustment

Seismic Risk

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Corporate training tailored for you

Business Training

Training Courses

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The keys to success

Trust, Efficiency and Innovation

The growth of Ricam Group over almost 50 years of existence has been and still is supported by the significant and effective collaboration of all the professionals involved and by a strongly results-oriented approach, in line with sustainable development.

The value of a company is created by the people involved.
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Ricam Group

Why you should choose us

Over 40 years of specialized consultancy for both private individuals and public bodies

Trust; grows continuously thanks to professionalism and constant commitment

Efficiency; in optimizing and improving the quality of the services offered to meet every need

Innovation; we are always up to date on news and changes in the reference sectors


Our Services

Seismic risk

The interventions involved in the seismic adaptation of a building vary according to parameters such as the type of construction, the type of load-bearing structure or the foundations on which the building rests

Fire engineering

Design, SCIA requests; Certificate of conformity, certification of systems and surveys; Fire resistance certification of load-bearing and separating structural elements
Main Principles sinistra
Main Principles destra
Main Principles sopra

Safety on building sites

Drafting of operational, safety and coordination plans. Safety coordination in the design / execution phase

Ambient acoustics

Calculation of worker noise exposure; Acoustic insulation projects and calculation of acoustic barriers and shielding; Design and internal acoustic adaptation of conference rooms, auditoriums and theaters; Acoustic measurements of internal / external sound levels


Discover our Services

Tailor made service, Certified quality, Ergonomics in the workspace and Loyality through satisfaction:
four key elements to achieve our goals.

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The Training of Ricam

Corporate training courses

Ricam Group, in collaboration with other companies that deal with training for companies, is committed to offering a comprehensive training offer.

Through its internal division, called Business Training, it provides financed and personalized training courses with a constantly updated course catalog.

Ricam’s training offer is aimed at executives, function/process managers, personnel involved in the management processes of non-conformities of all kinds, managers of management, quality, environment and safety systems. The courses aim to develop strategic skills in order to develop and implement a corporate risk management plan.








Bonuses with Ricam

Sismabonus and Tax Deductions


Credit assignment

Frontage Bonus

Ricam Group helps you to get the bonus your buildings need for anti-seismic interventions, helping you to take advantage of:

Sisma Bonus
Deductions for expenses incurred for anti-seismic interventions regarding renovation works of buildings predisposed to seismic adaptation in seismic zones 1, 2 and 3.

Ricam Group allows companies to transfer their tax credits relating to the tax bonuses provided for by the Relaunch Decree, such as SismaBonus, Ecobonus, Facade Bonus and Restructuring Bonus.

La cessione dei crediti d’imposta a Ricam Group consente di ottenere la liquidità in un’unica soluzione, invece di usufruirne in maniera dilazionata.

Ricam Group helps you get the bonuses your buildings need for renovation and energy efficiency interventions, helping you to take advantage of:

Frontage Bonus
Deductions for the renovation of the external facades of buildings on renovation, energy requalification and anti-seismic adaptation, including cleaning and painting.

Deductions for works carried out to increase the energy efficiency of existing buildings, which may include the installation of photovoltaic systems and solar shading.