Construction site safety, fire engineering and environmental acoustics

Safety management for various types of project. From construction site, through seismic risk up to acoustic protection.

Seismic vulnerability analysis, structural design, local repair interventions, seismic improvement and adaptation
Development of non-invasive and invasive tests
Analysis in the elastic and plastic field with extrapolation of risk indicators according to Ministerial Decree 58 of 28/02/17
Analysis and verification of tanks and silos, stress analysis of tube bundles, verification of structural interaction of the plant engineering component and the infrastructure

Project management and consultancy relating to all aspects of safety are divided into the following areas:

Safety on construction sites: drafting of operational, safety and coordination plans; safety coordination in the design / execution phase
Fire Engineering: Fire Design, Requests for SCIA fire prevention, certification of periodic renewal of fire prevention compliance, consultancy for safety and fire engineering purposes, consultancy and certifications for fire prevention systems and surveys and fire resistance certifications for load-bearing and separating structural elements
Environmental acoustics: calculation of worker noise exposure; sound insulation projects; calculation of acoustic barriers and shielding of noisy acoustic emissions; reports on passive acoustic requirements in building; interior design and acoustic adaptation of conference rooms, auditoriums and theaters; acoustic sound level measurements in indoor and outdoor environments and vibration measurement

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