Ricam Group

The value of a company is created by the people involved

The growth of Ricam Group over almost 50 years of existence has been and still is supported by the significant and effective collaboration of all the professionals involved and by a strongly results-oriented approach, in line with sustainable development. A story of passion, tradition and family that has allowed us to become a state-of-the-art civil, industrial and multidisciplinary engineering services company.

Over the years, our Group has been able to deal with expansion into new sectors and a significant increase in the number of employees who, under the guidance of the 4 brothers, respond on a daily basis to market challenges with passion and dedication, creating value and ensuring satisfaction for our customers.

Efficiency and innovation are the values on which our company is based and they have been the keys to our success, allowing us to win and maintain the trust of our customers. The continuous development of services and business areas and the excellent results obtained in over 40 years of activity have confirmed the validity and high quality of the action undertaken so far, which has allowed the company to adapt to the constant transformations of the reference markets.

Our work illustrates not only a product or a production process, but the essence of Ricam Group.

Mr Riccardo Baldelli
President & CEO

Our goals

Four key elements
to achieve our goals

Tailor made

We offer tailored and innovative solutions, designed according to the needs of our customers


Low costs, speed of intervention and high technological level are the secrets of our success

Human factor

We place the human factor at the center of attention, through safety and prevention policies


We create a lasting relationship over time, able to guarantee advantages and benefits to customers

Our story begins in 1972

In Grumello del Monte (BG), in the heart of Valcalepio, when Engineer Gian Marco Baldelli decided to set up the business.

Over the years Ricam Group has seen the expansion of both its reference sectors, resulting in the development of 6 different internal divisions, and the sound network of trusted employees that it still uses today. Since the 2000s, the founder of the company has been supported by his 4 sons – engineers Alessandro and Riccardo as well as lawyers Edoardo and Marta: together they have created a strong team able to meet customer requirements across the board.

Interdisciplinarity linked to the presence of 4 professionals actually does constitute a real strength, allowing strong synergies of skills for solving complex problems, carrying out integrated engineering works and transferring advanced and innovative technologies required to safely develop the industrial sector and support technical aspects, as well as public and private entities.

The entrepreneurial spirit prevalent within our group allows us to generate the energy necessary for continuous renewal.

The Group is the reference partner for all those companies seeking competitiveness, quality and compliance with established project times, fully in line with the ethical values that have always distinguished our company culturè.

Trust, efficiency and innovation: the keys to success

Our Values

Ricam Group is a company focused on customer satisfaction with an approach devoted to excellence and a corporate culture developed over the years along clear guidelines.

The company offers various services, in line with market needs and sustainable over time.

The high standard of quality, performance and reliability derives from a synergy of skills gained in over 40 years of experience.

Organization, management and control model pursuant ex D.Lgs. n. 231/01

Model 231

Ricam S.r.l. has decided to adopt an organization, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 (so-called “Model 231”) as a fundamental tool for preventing the risk of committing the offenses provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231 and for the consequent exclusion of any administrative responsibility.

Model 231, adopted for the first time in 2019, was subsequently updated in the light of corporate changes and regulatory changes that occurred from time to time.

The lawyer Edoardo Baldelli is a member of the single-person Supervisory Body which reports to the Sole Director.

To send reports, or to request clarifications, it is possible to contact the Supervisory Body directly by e-mail at the following e-mail address: odv231ricamgroup@gmail.com.

Modello 231

Organization, Management and Control

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