Inorganic Chemical Company

In our commitment to a resilient future, we intervene with expertise on existing structures, strengthening their seismic resistance. We don’t wait for danger signals; instead, we anticipate future challenges by laying solid foundations of safety. With expertise and innovative materials, we can extend the life of buildings, giving them new vitality.

Inorganic Chemical Industry Company

With skill, our collaborators carry out construction works in metalwork and reinforced concrete, shaping a solid foundation to accommodate imposing storage tanks. The strength of the structure reflects the dedication to ensuring a secure and reliable foundation, in accordance with technical drawings.

Plasterboard Works and Concealed Lighting

We pay maximum attention to the aesthetics and functionality of spaces, taking care of every detail with precision. Our environments reflect a meticulous design that harmonizes beauty and practicality in every element. Plasterboard, thanks to its versatility, unveils a world of possibilities in interior design.

Pure and Technical Gases Industry Company

Our mission is to bring production sites in line with rigorous structural regulations. Through in-depth analyses and targeted interventions, we strengthen foundations and enhance seismic resistance with minimal economic impact. Our commitment translates into safe environments that comply with laws, promoting operational continuity and confidence in the solidity of industrial structures.

GPL and Technical Gases Industry Company

Aerial surveys using drones reveal details otherwise hidden, optimizing site planning and management. An advanced overview for informed decisions and streamlined workflows.

Chemical Industry Company

A consolidation work involving structural reinforcement through the installation of a steel structure. The building, embraced by this new armor, promises lasting stability and safety.

Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Company

Through skilled maintenance works, production plants are renewed. The fusion of technical expertise and aesthetic design breathes new life into spaces, reflecting the evolution of the business and creating a stimulating environment that inspires both workers and operational efficiency.

Restoration of Historic Farmhouses

The conscious restoration of historic farmhouses involves a balance between preservation and modernization. Through sustainable methods, buildings are restored while maintaining architectural integrity in respect of local history and cultural heritage, creating functional spaces for current needs. Our headquarters reflects the essence of Ricam Group, embodying dedication to the art of engineering and building a secure and captivating future.

Chi Siamo

Chi Siamo
Frutto di una lunga tradizione di famiglia, Ricam affonda le sue radici nel 1972 quando l’Ing. Gian Marco Baldelli avvia l’attività come studio di ingegneria...


Via Aldo Moro, 4/6, 24064 Grumello del Monte (BG), IT

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